1994: Supplementary Number: Tradition and Traditions

Papers from a conference on Tradition and Traditions held at St Patrick's College, Manly, N.S.W., 12-15 July, 1990. Edited by D.W. Dockrill and R.G. Tanner.


1993: Supplementary Number: Multarum Artium Scientia

A 'chose' for R. Godfrey Tanner contributed by his allies upon rumours of his retirement, edited by Kevin Lee, Chris Mackie, and Harold Tarrant.


1988: Supplementary Number: The Idea of Salvation

Papers from the Conference on the Idea of Salvation, Sacred and Secular, held at St Paul's College, University of Sydney, 22-25 August, 1986. Edited by D. W. Dockrlll and R. G. Tanner University of Newcastle, N. S. W.


1985: Supplementary Number: The Concept of Spirit

Papers from The Concept of Spirit Conference held at St Paul's College, University of Sydney, 21-24 May 1984.

Edited by D. W. Dockrill and R. G. Tanner, University of Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia

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